About Effektus Construction

Effektus Construction is a building and civil company established in 1999, with the aim to accomplish quality over quantity in the Mpumalanga province. We are dedicated to fulfil the need for building expertise and quality in the housing market. The company is managed by several professional and competent individuals, who between them have many years of experience in the housing market. In addition to that, a consortium of innovative and experienced employees have been formed to add to Effektus Construction’s abilities and quality workmanship. Effektus has been involved in a variety of successful projects throughout the province as well as our own developments, Silbury Hill, Waden Hill and Avebury Hill, to serve as reference to our ability and reputation.

It is the company’s goal to be the best – not the biggest – construction company in Mpumalanga. This can only be achieved by adding value and quality to all projects, while benefitting and uplifting the surrounding community. Effektus strives to see to it that all clients and suppliers are proud to be associated with it.

We will make our money through quality workmanship. By being the best, we will ensure the continued future of Effektus Construction.